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Owosso Carriage & Sleigh Company Catalog

The following images are taken from a catalog produced by the Owosso Carriage and Sleigh. The date is unknown. This is the only catalog owned by the library.

Page 1--Title Page
Page 2--Factory
Page 3--Warranty, Terms of Sale, etc.
Page 4--Number 494 Jumbo Three Spring Surrey
Page 5--Number 491 Extension Top Surrey
Page 6--Number 475 Special High Grade Surrey
Page 7--Number 470 Special Eastern Surrey
Page 8--Number 495 Extension Top Surrey
Page 9--Number 496 A Light One Horse Surrey
Page 10--Number 422 Surrey
Page 11--Number 423 Surrey
Page 12--Number 420 Farmer Surrey
Page 13--Number 421 Farmer Surrey
Page 14--Number 460 Light Driving Surrey
Page 15--Number 124 Runabout
Page 16--Number 128 Driving Wagon
Page 17--Number 129 Gentleman's Driving Wagon
Page 18--Number 122 Fat Man's Runabout
Page 19--Number 156 Cushion Tire Driving Wagon
Page 20--Number 155 Cushion Tire Driving Wagon--Special Eastern Style Built on McCue Gear
Page 21--Number 159 Auto Seat Bike Wagon
Page 22--Number 130 Concord
Page 23--Number 150 Concord
Page 24--Number 131 Concord
Page 25--Number 165 Light Driving Concord
Page 26--Number 166 Maine Concord
Page 27--Number 151 Cushion Tire Concord
Page 28--Number 125 Road Wagon
Page 29--Number 126 Handy Road Wagon
Page 30--Number 127 Panel Seat Corning
Page 31--Number 113 Panel Seat Road Wagon
Page 32--Number 114 Stick Seat Road Wagon
Page 33--Number 292 Stanhope
Page 34--Number 203 Corning
Page 35--Number 212 Bracket Front Corning
Page 36--Number 256 Top Bike Wagon
Page 37--Number 255 Cushion Tire Top Bike--Special Eastern Style Built on McCue Gear
Page 38--Number 231 Top Buggy
Page 39--Number 239 A. Grade Buggy
Page 40--Number 234 Top Buggy, A. Grade Special
Page 41--Number 238 A. Grade Special Corning
Page 42--Number 241 Phaeton Seat Buggy, Special Livery Buggy
Page 43--Number 218 Piano, Bon Ton Style Side Springs
Page 44--Number 219 Corning
Page 45--Number 247 Special Eastern Leader
Page 46--Number 274 Fancy Top Buggy
Page 47--Number 249 Ladies' Driving Phaeton
Page 48--Number 251 Top Concord
Page 49--Nunber 213 Special Top Buggy
Page 50--Number 340 New England Democrat Wagon
Page 51--Number 342 Buckboard
Page 52--Number 344 Combination Spring Wagon
Page 53--Number 359 Three Spring Wagon
Page 54--Number 348 Half Platform Spring Wagon
Page 55--Number 349 Full Platform Spring Wagon
Page 56--Number 341 Hayes Spring Front and Rear
Page 57--Number 356 Triple Front Spring Wagon
Page 58--Number 399 Three Seat Spring Wagon
Page 59--Number 369 Low Down Market Wagon


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